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                   East Godavari District is situated in Krishna Godavari Agro Climatic Zone, It is one of the agriculturally potential districts in Andhra Pradesh, contributing about 10% of the total food production of the State.

           It is broadly classified into 4 Agro Climatic Zones (i.e) ::
  1. Central delta comprising 16 mandals.
  2. Eastern Delta having 15 mandals.
  3. Upland area with 19 mandals.
  4. Agency area with 8 mandals.
  5. Urban area with 2 mandals.

The District is divided into 5 Revenue divsions comprising of 60 mandals. Agriculturally it is divided into 18 sub divisions.

            The major crop grown in the District is Paddy which is cultivated both in Kharif & Rabi as Irrigated and Un Irrigated crop. During Kharif 2001 an area of 2.10 Lakh Ha of area is cultivated as Irrigated Paddy and the production is 8.42 Lakh Tons with a productivity of 3994 Kg/Ha (Paddy). Further in an area of 9930 Ha Paddy is grown as Un Irrigated crop with a production of 0.17 Lakh Tons and productivity of 1716 Kg/Ha. During Rabi 2001 - 02 Paddy is grown in an area of 1.66 Lakh Ha and the production is 10.97 Lakh Ha with a productivity of 6625 Kg/Ha.

Maize ::
            Maize crop grown both in Kharif and Rabi, In Kharif 2001 the crop is grown in an area of 2495 Ha with a production of 6442 Tons and productivity is 2582 Kg/Ha. In Rabi 2001 - 02 an area of 3241 Ha is covered with Maize and production is 10770 Tons with a productivity of 3323 Kg/Ha.

Jowar ::
             In Kharif 2001 Jowar crop is grown in 999 Ha of area and the production is 1094 Tons with a productivity of 1095 Kg/Ha.

Pulses ::
            Black Gram & Green Gram are the major crops grown under Pulses in both Kharif and Rabi in East Godavari District. An area of 15931 Ha is covered with Black Gram in the year 2001 with a production of 5958 Tons and the productivity is 374 Kg/Ha.

Oil Seeds ::
             Under Oil Seeds major crops grown are Sesamum and Ground Nut in both Kharif & Rabi. In Kharif 2001 an area of 2843 Ha is covered under Sesamum and the production is 640 Tons and productivity is 225 Kg/Ha. In Rabi 2001-02, 1629 Ha of area is covered with Sesamum and the production and productivity are 459 Tons and 282 Kg/Ha respectively.

Sugar Cane ::
            In the year 2001 Sugarcane crop is grown in 15778 Ha of land and the production and productivity are 1410 Lakh Tons and 8940 Tons/Ha respectively.

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