District Institute of Education and Training

(DIET - Bommuru)

Rajahmundry, East Godavari District
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Our DIET – Mission ::

To provide academic and resource support at the grass roots level for the success of the various strategies and programs being undertaken in the areas of elementary and adult education, with special reference to the following objectives.

Elementary Education ::

Universalization of primary/elementary education

Adult Education ::

National literacy mission targets in regard to functional literacy in the 15 – 35 age group.

Pace setting role ::

Our DIET will be expected to become model for other educational institutions in the district in terms of meticulous, efficient and effective planning and execution of functions, harmonious and creative organizational climate, maintenance of a clean and attractive campus etc

Transactional philosophy ::

Our DIET will have three main functions viz,

1. Training (Both of induction level as well as continuing varieties)
2. Resource support (extension/guidance, development of materials, aids, evaluation tools etc.) and
3. Action Research
Linkages ::

Establishes relation not only with elementary schools, school complexes, teachers, Headmasters but also close linkages with the following organization institutions.

1. At the Divisional level: NGOs, High Schools etc.
2. At the District level: IASE
3. At the State level: SCERT, SIET etc.
4. At the National level: NCERT, NUEPA, CCRT, RIE etc
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