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NIC, East Godavari District Centre was established in 1988, with an aim to provide informatics services to the District Administration in planning and development though it was a tough task initially to motivate the officials to adopt computer culture.

Another NIC Centre was established at Rajahmundry in 1997 with a view to provide effective services to the dialup users and departments located in Rajahmundry. Rajahmundry is in the Chennai to Howrah main Railway line and is 65 Kms far away from District head quarters, Kakinada.

NICNET has become an indispensable tool for the district Administration within a short period. Even Since its inception, NIC District Center East Godavari District at Kakinada has carried out Software Development and Some of the major projects accomplished by NIC, East Godavari include:

newstargifE-HAAZAR ::

“Haazar” is a web based innovative programme to ensure transparency and efficiency in the Revenue administration of East Godavari and also to provide vital information to the citizens on the presence of revenue officials in their offices. The programme has been locally developed by NIC-East Godavari and includes remotely capturing the attendance of Revenue functionaries through bio metric hamsters placed at all the Tahsildar / RDO Offices and collectorate. Haazar supported by a virtual private network and an automated “SMS reply system” created especially for this purpose. Under this system, attendance of every particular Revenue employee so captured remotely is automatically updated in the central server and is also displayed on the “Haazar” web site for the benefit of the common man. The said system has a provision for recording the tour details of field officers and also the leave particulars of each employee.

“Haazar” would greatly reduce absenteeism in the Revenue offices and provide an important tool for senior officers to effectively supervise and ensure accountability among the Revenue officials in the district. The common man can have a glance at the “Haazar” web page and plan his visit to any particular Revenue office. The automatic “SMS reply System” sends a daily SMS to senior officers in the district about the absentee and late coming officials in the district. The Common man can also send an SMS request to “Haazar” and would get an automatic reply regarding the status of any particular employee.

newstargifE-Parishkaram ::

e-Parishkaram is an innovative initiative by the East Godavari District to track the grievances through SMS or e-mail and monitor the status of the petitions, which has been launched after taking the inspiration from Honourable Ex Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh (Late)Dr.Y.S.Rajasekhar Reddy.

The genuine petitions received from public are forwarded to the concerned officer with a specific deadline to redress the grievance. In order to keep track of the genuine petitions received and ensure that the grievances of the public are redressedly of without any delay, as sms based online grievance tracking system called "e-Parishkaram" was launched.

Under this system, all genuine grievances received would be given specific deadline and entered in the computer. The computer would generate a unique number for each grievance and also generate an acknowledgement to be given to the petitioner. The grievances would then be shown against the concerned officer to whom the grievance has been forwarded for redressal. All important officers in the District would be given a separate ID and login and would be able to update the status of the petition after its redressal.

On the last day specified for the redressal of the grievance, the computer would automatically generate a reminder SMS and email to the concerned officer if the grievance is not yet redressed. A period of three days after the deadline would be treated as grace period in which and an automatic SMS & e-mail would be sent to the officer concerned and also to the concerned Head of the Department in the District. If the petition is still pending even after the grace period is over, then an automatic SMS/E-mail would be sent to District Collector/Joint Collector informing them of the pending petition. The public who sumbit such genuine petitions can also send an SMS and obtain an automatic SMS reply about the status of the petition round the clock. Moreover the petitioners can also call the helpline and obtain the status of their petition by quoting the unique No of the petition.

Mid Meal Scheme Monitoring System ::

Midday meal is Central sponsored scheme that is being implemented at Primary Schools, Upper Primary Schools and High Schools by Education Department, Government of Andhra Pradesh. So based on the request made by District Educational Officer, East Godavari District, A software module has been developed for computerization of Mid Day Meal Scheme. The software was developed in ASP.NET with Postgre SQL back end support. The software can be directly implemented at any district of Andhra Pradesh State.

Apathbandu Scheme Monitoring System ::

The project entitled APATHBANDU SCHEME MONITORING SYSTEM. This is web-based software. The concept of apathbandu scheme is to provide exgratia. This exgratia will be given to the BPL families in the age group of 18 to 69 for the conditional death cases like death on account of floods, collapse of building, fire accidents. The recipient of this exgratia should be the member of the deceased family. No compensation is payable to any person other than dependent family members and this scheme shall not be useful for liable deaths like self injury, suicide, pregnancy. etc.

To be considered for the apathbandu scheme the person has to submit the proposals to the concerned tahsildars with all necessary documents. The tahsildars after verification will submit to revenue divisional officers. The revenue divisional officers and tahsildars have to keep in mind the points like the total annual income, the cause of death, verify the entire family members...Etc. finally revenue divisional officers after completion of verification will submit to the collector. In view of importance of the scheme all the tahsildars are requested to give suitable instructions to their staff MRI/ARI/secretaries for obtaining necessary documents like death certificate, FIR, sevapanama.etc.

Tahsildars are requested to send Apathbandu periodical report by 3rd of every month to the concerned divisional officers, the divisional officers should submit their consolidated periodical to collectorate office by every 5th month without fail. In the manual system it became typical to monitor above said requirements of the system. So it has been proposed to generate web based software module. Details and advantages of proposed web based software module are here under. The main theme of Apathbandu scheme monitoring system whether the concerned person is received the exgratia or not, whether tahsildars and revenue divisional officers are sending the proposals or not and monitoring the scheme in all respect generating the required reports as per the requirements of government of Andhra Pradesh for time to time.

Writ Petition Monitoring System ::

Writ Petition Monitoring is Web Based Software Module implemented at District Collectorate and is usefull for all the government offices. It was developed in .NET. The Software Module gives the information about the various writ petitions filed against the officers at different levels. This module also gives the information about the status of affidivates filed against the received writ petitions. It generates the monthly abstact report of Writ Petitions filed at High Court.

Land Records Computerization ::

Land Records computerization was started in the District in 1996-97 and data entry has been completed for 1995-1998 years under Unixware environment. Later the system has been upgraded from Unix based platform to Windows based platform. The data has been corrected to the current year, with a view to incorporate mutations as and when it comes. Land ownership certificate, ROR 1B extract can be generated for a single SSID / pattadar. Also copies of Adangal / Pahani can be printed for entire village or for a range of survey numbers.

Rainfall Monitoring System for Agriculture Deapartment ::

We have developed Rainfall Management Systems for the Office of the Joint Director, Agriculture and implemented very successfully. That is purly in ASP.NET. That software module enables the department for overcoming the problem of Rainfall Monitoring and complicated calculations of rainfall statistics.

Janma Bhoomi ::

Andhra Pradesh Government started Janma Bhoomi program in 1997. Right from the beginning NIC, East Godavari was involved in developing and implementing the software for various rounds of Janma Bhoomi. The data relating to Non Financial Community Needs (NFCN), Individual Family Needs (IFN), Works are entered and analyzed and various reports are generated for the use of district administration. Presently 18th round of Janma Bhoomi was conducted in Jan 2003.

LAN in Collectorate ::

A 106 node LAN (Local Area Network) was established in Collectorate by NIC.

NPCB Monitoring Software ::

Under National Programme for Control of Blindness, the data relating to blind persons was computerized and various reports PHC wise, Mandal wise were generated for Medical and Health Department.

E Court Monitoring System ::

NIC has installed hardware and has developed and implemented software to cater to the needs of various sections in the court. Various day-to-day reports and statistical reports are generated through the system.

Election Management System ::

NIC East Godavari has been providing support for all the elections including parliamentary, legislative and local bodies. Support is provided at various levels of election process like pre-polling activities, which include polling party formation, assignments to polling booths randomly etc. Election Results were also transmitted to Doordarshan.

Other Activities ::

Internet / Email facilities are being used by various Govt Departments like FCI, District Industries center, Dept of Posts, Dept of Agriculture, Dept of Education, Forest, National Institute of Hydrology, National Sample Survey Organization, Medical and Health Dept etc.

Other packages include allotment of food grains, GPF s/w for Zillaparishad, PMRY distribution of funds, Arms License monitoring, Rain fall Information system, Recruitment of paramedical staff for Medical and Health department, Recruitment of teachers for Education Department and Zillaparishad, Data transmission of CNAA and Pulse polio.

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